Bringing vintage photo albums back to life!

Bring vintage back to life

Are you a huge vintage fan, or do you have special family albums that you inherited from parents or grandparents? Whether you’re into vintage or not, it can’t be denied that old photos have a certain charm about them – a glimpse into a bygone era of class and style. If you’ve been paging through old family albums or rummaging through a big box of black and white snapshots, wondering what to do with them, [...]


Making a ‘special someone’ a photo book

Once you’ve got your stash of photos together, you can have fun creating a unique photo book for that special someone in your life – it makes a fantastic surprise gift!

In our previous blogs we’ve often discussed wedding photo books, anniversary photo books and several other projects you can plan for that special someone in your life. Weddings and anniversaries are some of the best times to present your partner with a beautiful token of the love you [...]


Organize photos by creating a photo yearbook

Creating a photobook for every occasion could be to much for some. However, a lot of people make one special book per year. It’s a nice excuse to sort out all the photos once year and keep it safely in a nicely binded coffee table book.