Creative wedding photos

Creative wedding photos

One of the most popular albums is the wedding photo book, a treasure chest of special memories from that once in a lifetime experience. We’ve all seen other peoples’ wedding albums and although each one is special, you may want to create one for yourself that is a little more creative. Depending on the type of wedding and the number of guests, you can take some really creative photos and produce a wedding photo book that stands [...]


The balanced wedding photo book: A how-to guide

If you have been asked to put together a wedding photo book for a newly-wed couple, you may just have as much pressure on you as the best man or the maid of honour, or even father of the bride put together! Creating a wedding photo book is a lot of fun, and the newlyweds will love you all the more when you present them with the memories of that special day. The only stumbling block that some of us [...]


Candid camera – capturing the moment

Most of us enjoy attending functions, and for camera enthusiasts that usually means taking a lot of photos! When the function is more personal, like a birthday or family get-together, you can let your fun side out by taking some fun and sometimes secret photos of those around you. In this blog we explore the idea of candid camera.

Firstly, unexpected photos don’t have to look bad. We all have a relative who is always up to mischief, taking embarrassing [...]


That special day – the ABCs of wedding photos

Getting married is probably the biggest decision most of us will ever make, and one of the most expensive too! If you have a large wedding planned, with catering bills and the cost of live music weighing on your budget, you’re probably wondering how much the wedding photos are going to cost.

Fortunately, with the right photos and KliQa’s online photo editing software you’ll be able to produce a professional wedding album without paying thousands to a professional photographer. Here’s [...]


Free photo book start up design and photo upload service from

Have you been trying to make a wedding album since the 16th century? Is your laptop’s hard drive full of baby photos? What about your holiday last year, will you ever see those photos again? Well, during February and March we’ll get you started with your very own photo book for FREE.

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