Wish you were here: Creating a photo book for friends and family

Smiling happy family on beach

Are you planning a long holiday abroad? Perhaps you’ve been up to all kinds of interesting things and have some great photos that tell the story of your life. Of all the photo books you can create (and there are loads!) one of the most special ones is the “wish you were here” photo book for friends and family, especially those living far away!
Today people are constantly moving around, travelling to new places and often [...]


Making a ‘special someone’ a photo book

Once you’ve got your stash of photos together, you can have fun creating a unique photo book for that special someone in your life – it makes a fantastic surprise gift!

In our previous blogs we’ve often discussed wedding photo books, anniversary photo books and several other projects you can plan for that special someone in your life. Weddings and anniversaries are some of the best times to present your partner with a beautiful token of the love you [...]


A Holiday Photobook

Most people love going on holiday and will do anything to escape the pressures of work and daily life for a well-deserved break. Whether you are going away for a weekend in the mountains, jetting off to an island paradise, or taking a cultural tour through Europe, you’ll want to take your camera along and keep those photos coming!

A holiday is meant to be enjoyed, and the last thing you want is to be worrying about what kind of [...]


Perfect Pics – How to take them!

So you’re signed up and ready to go with KliQa? One of the first things you’ll need to create an incredible photobook is a collection of really good photos! If this is your first foray into the world of photography you can rest easy – our how-to guide will have you snapping great pics in no time.

The first step in taking great photos is to know your camera. Whether you bought it recently or are dusting it off after several [...]


Free photo book start up design and photo upload service from

Have you been trying to make a wedding album since the 16th century? Is your laptop’s hard drive full of baby photos? What about your holiday last year, will you ever see those photos again? Well, during February and March we’ll get you started with your very own photo book for FREE.